A msg from Spanish Fly


We just got on Instagram! I don’t know shit about it so we’ll probz have our account banned here pretty soon…. which is why we dont fucks with Facebook anymore since we had 4 pages deleted there. Anywho, give us a follow and help us spread the word!!


TWITTER: @NudesForTroops

For those of you on TUMBLR… we no longer have access to that page but whatever we post on the site still automatically posts there. If you’re trying to hit us up with submissions for the site and FREE PROMO, hit us up here (NudesForTroops2@gmail)

Got a hott Tinder or POF date coming up? Or even… Craigslist (you whore)? Hott wife/gf? Write “I Love NudesForTroops.com” on her body somewhere and send us the pic to be featured on here and to boost a Troops morale!

Know of a hot cam girl, insta girl, or tumblr girl who needs some promo? Tell her to make us a fan sign and we’ll promo the shit outta her!

#TeamWork -Spanish Fly


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