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I just woke up to these in my Inbox. Its going to be a good day. BIG THANKS goes out to our new friends on Tumblr SkyDiveCpl. They are a REAL couple from Texas, posting REAL pics (as you can see). 🙂

Check them out here – SkyDiveCpl TUMBLR


We here at NudesForTroops.com are going back to how we originally operated… based on submissions only and promoting the girls who have already submitted. There’s plenty of other websites on the interwebz that you can go to for random porn and what not. We want to provide only what has been submitted with YOU in mind.  That means that we will likely not be updated everyday. The more submissions we get, the more we update. So, be sure to check back with us every few days for new stuff. As you may or may not know, I (Spanish Fly) am deployed right now so I can’t devote as much time to the site as I used to. This is where YOU come in. This is YOUR site (Troops). So, spread the word about us, tweet your favorite models, text your Tinder dates… etc… have them send motivational messages and pics to:


(Click HERE for submission Guidelines)

We’ll promote the shit out of anyone who makes us a Fan Sign. Nudity is NOT required and submissions can be anonymous as well.  Note one thing:


So, if you’ve gotta hott wife, girlfriend, Tinder/POF date, be sure to write “I Love NudesForTroops.com” on them and tell all of your battle buddies about us. We do this for you but also need your help in spreading the word about us via REDDIT, TUMBLR, FACEBOOK, TWITTER… etc etc.

In other news: We’ve partnered with our friends over at MyMarineMind.com. If you haven’t check them out yet, you’re missing out. They have a pretty active TUMBLR as well. They are the internwebz LARGEST resource for military themed and patriotic hotties… and they are FREE. So click the link above or the pic below to be redirected to their page.

Last but not least… yes we have ads and popups. Sorry for that, but we have bills to pay. Hosting can be expensive as well as other fees involved with running a site like this.

PS – We have a section (that we don’t advertise much) for men to submit pics for women (HERE). This site is for EVERYONE. So, if you’d like to submit pics for that, use the same email referenced above. NO COCK SHOTS. The women that have emailed us want to see muscles, tatts… etc. Plus, I dont want to wake up to an inbox full of dick pics. I love ya’ll… but not enough to put myself through that bullshit. I’m currently deployed so if I dont get PTSD out here, I’ll surely get it from having to look at other dudes dicks everyday.

-Spanish Fly

Oh, one more thing. While this was originally created by/for US Troops, the site is dedicated to ALL Allied Troops. Can(eh?)dians, Aussies, Britts, Spaniards, Isrealis ETC… all of you fuckers are in mind when we do what we do. We’d like some international participation as well. Add your countries flag in the pics to represent. Tell your fellow Troops/Vets about us!