This website is owned/operated by a Veteran (CW2/153D). I love my brothers and sisters in uniform and know first-hand how stressful things can get during deployments. I may or may not be currently deployed right now but as a contractor. This website is a side thing I do on my free time for ya’ll.

During my first deployment I saw a need for a website like this. Why? Well, back then there were Facebook groups like ‘Boobs For Troops’ where women would submit cleavage/bra pics for the Troops. It was a great idea but what it lacked was actual nudity due to Facebooks strict TOS. Thats where I got the idea for this site and thus created it to provide a platform where men/women can submit whatever the fuck they want for our heroes.

Don’t get it twisted, though. This is Nudes FOR Troops, not Nudes OF Troops. If you came here looking for leaked nudes of members of our military then you came to the wrong fucking place. Theres probably some pics of that genre linked to this website from years ago but we no longer accept any pics of anyone in uniform or anything that seems fishy to us, like revenge porn type shit.

Our website exists so that ANYONE can help boost morale for our Troops, NATO Allies, and civilian contractors stationed World Wide. For guidelines on how to submit pics, go HERE.

We have over 34,000 followers on twitter, a growing Instagram and Tumblr presence, and get over 200k hits a month to our website. We love to support those who support the Troops so you’ll see a lot of cam girls, porn stars, and regular girl next door types posted on our website.


The troops who frequent our website come daily to enjoy FREE content from amateur and professional men and women who submit pictures to boost their morale. However, its sometimes the message that they write to the troops thats more powerful than the pictures themselves.

So help me out and SPREAD THE WORD! I only update the site when I have new and original content. 🙂 It’s a one man show so bare with me!