Would Love Some New Fan Signs!

Hey Hey!! I’ve been MIA for a bit, sorry folks. Real life has been pretty busy. Anywho, I need some new fan signs!! So for all of you sexy ladies that send us pics for the Troops, would ya be a doll and make us one? It adds credibility to the website. Authenticity! For all of you fellas out there – if you’ve got a hott gf/wife, maybe a Tinder or POF date comin up… write “I Love NudesForTroops.com” on her body somewhere and send us the pic! We’ll put it right here on the front page. As always, spread the word about us. This website is by submissions only. We want fresh and original pictures and messages for our Troops worldwide. Send the pics to NudesForTroops2@gmail or SUBMIT PICS HERE

Need ideas for a Fan sign? Check out what others have done here: FAN SIGNS

-Spanish Fly

PS – So umm… I just logged onto the website to make this post and noticed that there were some Trannys fuckin up above on the LIVE Chaturbate feed. Sorry! I mean, if you’re into that kinda shit… good for you. I’m not. Y’see, the way it works is… whatever the TOP/Most Popular Chaturbate channel is at the time of you refreshing this page is… thats what shows up top. I have no control over it. So yeahhh….. whoops. Enjoy the tranny fuckin…. or not.

PPS – I’m just one guy, currently deployed…. updating this website. If ya’ll have any recommendations on how ot make this site better or suggestions on what you’d like added to the site, let me know! If you have a presence on Reddit or Facebook… I’d appreciate some shoutouts. All I really promote on is Twitter. The more YOU help, the much mo’betta this site gets. 


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